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Home plumbing problems can sometimes be hard to spot. Oftentimes, you notice the problem when it’s too late. Sadly, your plumbing problem may have already gotten bigger.

If ever you need to contact an emergency plumber in Canoga Park area, hire Red Hat Plumbing for instant help. Our staff of competent and experienced professionals is at your service.

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    Your home tap water should always run clear when you turn on the faucet. It shouldn’t be cloudy or colored. It shouldn’t have a foul odor or taste. Cloudy water may mean there is trapped air in your pipes. On the other hand, brown or yellow water means there could be rusting in your pipes.

    These signs warn of health risks. Water is a resource that we use on a daily basis. And even if you drink bottled water, you can’t totally avoid consuming tap water. You use them in your cooking. And you use them in washing the dishes and the laundry.

    If you lack the know-how of dealing with this serious problem yourself, Red Hat Plumbing can come to your home and assess the situation for you. Just book us for a visit and our team of plumbers Canoga Park, California will be checking your water pipes shortly.

    Do you have noisy pipes?

    You home water pipes shouldn’t make funny or loud noises. Noisy pipes are often clues that say you have a plumbing problem. If you hear these sounds, then be warned. These warnings come when you turn on the sink or tub, and when you do the laundry using a washer. They sound like a loud knocking (which is probably a water hammer) or loud vibrations coupled with some hissing.

    Noisy pipes should be resolved promptly. Such are an indication of pressure building up in your pipes. Sometimes, the valves or support straps are loose. These causes can be damaging. Your pipes may weaken or crack if you leave the matter untreated.

    Plumbing issues like these are complicated and better suited for a qualified plumber. At Red Hat Plumbing services Canoga Park we can provide the plumber that you need.


    Clogged Sewer / Drain Cleaning

    Gas Line Repair

    Laundry Room Drains

    Septic Repair / Replacement

    Bathroom Repair

    Sewer Lateral Inspection

    Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

    Hydro Jetting

    Whole House Repiping

    Slab Leaks / Leaking Pipes

    Sewer Line Repair

    Trenchless Pipe Repair

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