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We don’t always think about the importance of our main sewer line. However, in terms of the overall health of your household plumbing, few components are as important as your sewer drain. When the drain becomes clogged, or even damaged in some form or fashion, a variety of household headaches can result. These are also the types of headaches that can result in costly repair or replacement work.

While we can certainly help with that at Red Hat Plumbing, we would always prefer to help homeowners avoid getting to that point. Being able to identify the signs of a clogged sewer drain can give you a clear idea of when it’s time to call in the professionals.

What Are The Signs Of A Clogged Sewer Drain?

The only upside of a clogged sewer drain is that there is still time to avoid more serious instances of damage. However, this is obviously completely dependent on addressing the situation as soon as possible.

Here are some of the most common signs of a clogged sewer drain:

  • A slow-to-drain sink or bathtub: Are you sinks taking forever to drain? If so, and you’re also noticing similar problems with your bathtub and/or toilet, the odds are pretty good that you’ve got a clogged sewer drain. Does the toilet overflow while running the dishwasher or washing machine? Again, a clogged sewer drain is highly probable. Listen for gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet, as well.
  • Constant plunging: Is your toilet plunger getting a serious workout? Is this something you have to do on a daily basis? Answering yes to both of these questions will point to a distinct possibility of a clogged drain. If you find yourself being forced to use your plunger on the kitchen sink, then you almost definitely have a problem which goes back disconcertingly far in the drainage system for your home.
  • Nothing seems to work: Is that all that plunging actually helping? Have you tried chemicals that clear out clogged drains throughout the home? If you aren’t having a lot of luck with standard cures for clogged drains, the issue can probably be traced all the way down to your sewer line.

These are the three main factors to look out for. Your next step is to find the best course of action for dealing with this issue.

What Can I Do About My Clogged Sewer Drain?

Sewer drains have to deal with a lot. Yes, they are bigger than the drains closer to your home. However, not only are your sewer drains taking on everything you flush or lose down the drain, but they also have to deal with debris from weather, tree roots making their way into the joints of the drain, and much more. This can add up to a fairly serious problem over time.

Thankfully, drain-cleaning is easier than ever. Using video camera inspections and heavy-duty drain-cleaning equipment, most sewer drain clogs can be taken care of. While it is possible to do such work on your own, your best bet ultimately is to call in the professionals.

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