House Repiping

Is It Time for a Whole House Repiping?

Plumbing problems like leaks and broken pipes are common in households. You’re bound to encounter these issues at least once a year. But when they occur more frequently, like multiple times in a month, it may be time to start thinking about a whole-house repiping. Here we talk about that, what it’s all about and when it's time to do one.

What are some reasons for a whole house repiping?

There are several reasons to repipe your whole house, namely:

Persistent problems.

When you’ve done all you can, yet the problem continues, it may be time to consider doing a whole makeover of your pipes. If “small patches” don’t work, then it’s time to do a bigger fix that will provide a better solution.

Multiple problems.

When your house has multiple plumbing problems in different sections of your home, it might be wiser to repipe the whole house. That's often more cost-effective instead of going through the painstaking process of spot repairing and monitoring each pipe to make sure those problems don’t recur.

Old pipes.

How old are your pipes? Nothing lasts forever. Even pipes age and grow brittle. Expect this type of wear and tear. Plumbing pipes in older homes (like those ancestral homes) should be checked for quality. If your home falls in that category of 70s house or older, consider scheduling a consult with our professional plumbing service. This way, you save yourself from escalated (and costlier) problems like big leaks and heavy blow-ups.

Inferior pipes.

Your house pipes may not be that old but they may be inferior or problematic. Galvanized steel piping, for instance, poses problems. Steel is known for its durability. But it will eventually corrode. It will rust.

What are some telltale signs that you need to repipe your whole house?

Water discoloration or sediments.

Rusted pipes will contaminate your water. Watch out for brown or reddish tinted water coming out of your pipes. Clean water is essential for good health. So call a plumber to get this problem solved immediately.

Inconsistent water pressure.

Corroded pipes tend to develop a blockage. The rust builds up and limits the flow and pressure of water. You need to have your pipes checked if this becomes a persistent problem.

Continuous leaking.

A leak here and a leak there are signs that the whole plumbing system is deteriorating. You may think it’s just one spot. But the moment you solve that, a leak breaks out on another part. When your house pipes start to break down, water will continue to leak. This buildup of water and pressure will eventually cause other pipes to break and leak water. Have a professional assess the situation, it may well be time to have a whole-house repiping.

Squeaks and vibrations.

Squeaks and vibrations are calls for help. When you have noisy plumbing, something is most probably wrong. So don’t delay. This is what professional plumbers are for. Make the call.

Whole house repiping can effectively and completely solve your plumbing problems at home. Make sure to seek help from a professional company that can guarantee good, quality service.

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