Sewer Lateral Inspection

Home maintenance, which includes taking care of your plumbing systems, comes down to accuracy. The more information you have, the easier it is to address ongoing care, repair work, or even those times when something has to be replaced altogether. When it comes to accuracy in plumbing services, video camera inspection and sewer later inspection have emerged as powerful tools for professionals like our technicians at Red Hat Plumbing. The more you learn about the benefits of a video camera inspection, the easier it will be to appreciate how such inspections can give you a distinct advantage over any maintenance concerns that might emerge. What exactly do such inspections entail? Are they the most efficient option? These are just a couple of the questions you likely have in mind.

The Benefits Of Video Camera And Sewer Lateral Inspections

Video inspections are exactly what they sound like. Utilizing pipe inspection video equipment and other tools, professionals can take a comprehensive look at your pipes and system. While this may sound like a serious measure for what may or may not even be a serious problem, we have come to suggest it more and more often for our clients. There are a number of benefits to using one of these inspections:
  • Eliminating guesswork: Locating the specific point of a blockage can be extremely difficult under even the best of circumstances. While it can certainly be done, video inspections dramatically reduce the amount of time your plumber will spend looking for the specific issue. It also reduces the wear and tear to your property. Everything is cleaner and more efficient.
  • Reference material: In some situations, having video evidence of your specific problem can be very useful as reference material. This is particularly true when filing an insurance claim. Having your video inspection can expediate such a process considerably.
  • An accurate idea of your pipes: You will be able to know the condition of your pipes in no uncertain terms. Are there pipes on the verge of collapse? Pipes suffering from corrosion? Blocked pipes or intrusions to the system (think trees) will be easy to distinguish and address. You could wind up saving thousands by taking measures against certain issues revealed with a video inspection.
  • The fastest way to find a leak or a water break: one of the consistent benefits of a video camera inspection is how much time is saved. A leak or water break amount to very serious problems, which are only going to get worse (and more expensive) as time goes on. Once again, video inspections give us the fastest route to finding the source of either of these unpleasant possibilities.

Do You Need A Video Camera or Sewer Lateral Inspection?

Not only are such inspections fast and remarkably simple, but you will also find that they are a good deal more affordable than you might suspect. They also come with the benefit of being environmentally-sound, as the inspection lets us determine the most green-friendly method of addressing what you need. Red Hat Plumbing is ready to assist you with such an inspection. Contact us today to set up an appointment.
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