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Sherman Oaks Water Heaters Services

We demand a lot from our water heater. It is for that reason alone that you want to have the best one possible for your needs, home, and budget. Correct installation is also a must. You also certainly want to have at least an awareness of the most common water heater problems. By keeping all of these things in mind, you’re ensuring your water heater will maintain optimal performance for years to come.

For not only water heater installation, but also for anything you might need in the way of repairs, we can help. Contact us today at Red Hat Plumbing to learn more about how we can meet your complex water heater needs.

The Basics Of Water Heater Installation

Choosing a good water heater for your home is important. Thankfully, it isn’t terribly difficult, as you only really have two categories to consider. There are water heater tanks, and then there are options referred to as tankless water heaters.

Which one is right for you? This comes down to weighing a range of factors:

Each option has its own pros and cons. With traditional water heaters, you have something that offers a low initial cost, as well as a very straightforward installation process. On the other hand, because your tank is constantly heating and storing water, you are going to be met with consistently high utility bills. They take up more space, have a comparatively shorter lifespan, and always come with the caveat of running out of warm water at the worst possible time. Then you have tankless water heaters. These cost more to install, but they offer a longer lifespan, combined with the long-term benefit of reducing your carbon footprint and monthly energy costs. They take up less space than traditional heaters, and also come with the benefit of providing that warm water instantly and consistently. Regardless of which water heater you use, it is vital to know when something is going wrong.

Common Water Heater Problems

Too little hot water is one of the most obvious water heater issues. A complete lack of hot water is also naturally a big problem, as well. Smelly water, a leaky tank, or even a noisy water heater are all potential causes of a more serious issue. If you notice any of these problems, your next step should be to call in the professionals. Doing so gets right to the hear of what you need to do with your water heater, regardless of the specific type.


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